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Operations Guides
These Publications are intended for the use of US&R Rescue Team Personnel, and may be printed by them, or their organizations, for their use. Vendor copies, reprints, or other use of these publications may not be made without written consent.

Training Materials
 TitleModified DateSize
USR IB 2023-015 - USACE StS2 Trng Course, May 19-24, 2023.pdf4/25/2023520.18 KB
USR IB 2024-018 - USACE StS East Reg Trng - PA-TF1 July 13-14, 2024.pdf5/7/20241.11 MB
StS1 Tenative Class Schedule - Oct 2016 3/21/202083.00 KB
StS1 Course Description 8/22/201611.09 KB
StS2 Course Description8/22/201674.33 KB
StS1 Regional Training Course Description8/22/201614.05 KB
Summary of Laced Post Tests 20108/22/20161.81 MB
Summary of Raker & Picket Tests - 20108/22/2016963.60 KB
Structure Collapse Awareness Student Manual - Jan2012 Version 1/21/20121.85 MB
SCT01c Structural Engineering Systems Student Manual ver41/21/20121.81 MB
SCT01d Tool Lab Student Manual1/21/2011367.92 KB
SCT02a Shoring Basics Student Manual1/21/20111.34 MB
SCT02b Shore Construction Student Manual1/21/20111.40 MB
SCT03 Conc B&B Student Manual1/21/2011269.56 KB
SCT04 Lifting & Moving Student Manual 1/21/20117.62 MB
HERS 1-2 Rigging Intro Student Manual1/13/2010514.72 KB
HERS 1-3 Burn Cutting Student Manual1/13/2010303.89 KB
HERS 2-1 Site Protocal PPT-HO & Stu Manual 1/13/2010534.55 KB
HERS 2-2 Calc Weight & CG Student Manual1/13/2010177.50 KB
HERS 2-3 Crane Basics PPT-HO & Stu Manual1/13/20102.49 MB
HERS 3-1 Crane Charts PPT-HO & Stu Manual1/13/20102.69 MB
HERS 3-2 Crane Accid & Non Tridit. Use PPT-HO & SM1/13/20104.30 MB
HERS 3-3 Demo Equip & Helo Ops PPT-HO & Stu Manual1/13/20104.18 MB
StS1-1-5 Intro to Mitigation & Monitoring Methods-HO & SM 3/24/2010677.11 KB
StS1-2-0 Principles of Wood Design Student Manual 1/13/20101.21 MB
StS2-1-3 FMA StuManual May105/23/2010988.63 KB
Shore Testing Article in Fire Engineering Sep 2011-Draft8/10/20134.26 MB
GPS Computer Interface Lesson Plan 1/21/2011366.92 KB
NFPA Fire Protection Manual 2003 Sect 12, Ch 113/22/201077.94 KB

 TitleModified DateSize
FA-1 Facility Assessment Worksheet1/11/20231.64 MB
REVISED - ALL 17 StS Forms-Oct21 (with N arrows)10/20/2021457.54 KB
FEMA Hazards Assessment Placard3/5/2012256.20 KB
StS 3-Check Lists5/22/201019.59 KB
GPS Self Evaluation5/22/201011.89 KB
Total Station Self Evaluation5/22/201013.80 KB
Form 214 Unit Log3/5/201211.21 KB
FEMA Search Assessment Placard3/5/201212.89 KB
HERS Forms11/12/201160.70 KB
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