Monday, October 25, 2021
The FEMA Urban Search & Rescue System

The National Urban Search and Rescue Response System, under FEMA structures local emergency personnel into integrated disaster response task forces.


What is a Structures Specialist?

A Structures Specialist performs various structural assessments for an Urban Search & Rescue Task Force during incident operations. The StS reports directly to the Planning Team Manager, but will often be assigned to the Search Team or Rescue Team Manager.


US Army Corps of Engineers
US Army Corps of Engineers

As part of the National Response Plan, the US Army Corps of Engineers is designated as the agency that facilitates and conducts US&R training for Structures Specialists that are part of the National US&R System.

NOTE: The training that is listed on the upper right Training & Event Schedule is intended for StS. However, other members of a ligitamate US&R TF or Team may be admitted if space is available


Training & Event Schedule
Eastern Regional Training - VIRTUAL Zoom Session
Start Date/Time: Saturday, November 6, 2021 (UTC -06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
End Date/Time: Saturday, November 6, 2021 (UTC -06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

VIRTUAL Structures Specialist Regional Training -  Nov 6, 2021

Time:  Saturday 0900 thru 1630


  • This training qualifies as Continuing Education training as recommended by the StS Position Description. The Regional Training Curriculum is updated and revised every two years, and this will be the FINAL opportunity to receive the unique topics to be presented for this 2020-2021 Version 6
  • Training focuses on assessing structural behavior of damaged buildings, dam and levee assessment, pre-cast/pre-stressed and PT concrete review, wide area assessment (Survey 123 & GPS), use of StS forms, shoring tabletop exercise and other topics.

  • Training mission is to provide 7-hours of intensive training.

Requirements for Attendance:


  • The course will be on-line using Zoom hosted by Michael Barker at the University of Wyoming
  • You will need a computer with the Zoom application, a webcam and audio (speakers & microphone) for class interactions and discussions.
  • Several will be asked to volunteer and show Shoring Design results. A scanner to PDF or phone picture and uploading for the shoring discussion will be effective.
  • Prior to training, go to your smartphone app store (e.g. Apple App Store, Google Play) and install the following esri apps: ArcGIS Survey123, ArcGIS QuickCapture and ArcGIS Field Maps.
  • Some course content will require accessing a link by scanning a QR code with your smart-phone. Please be familiar with and prepared for doing so with your iPhone or Android device. If needed, the following “How to” guidance is offered:
  • A Zoom invitation link will be sent to you via Michael Barker’s email/meeting invitation.



Training Agenda: Hourly Schedule to be sent just prior to training



  • USACE: Jeff Qunell, P.E. W: (415) 503-6616 C: (916) 502-4145
  • Alternative: Alan Fisher P.E. (MA-TF1) C:(207) 415-7558 




Deployment Log
Hatteras Village, NC, September 22, 2003 -- Twisted electrical lines hang from a collapsed building in Hatteras Village in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel. Photo: Cynthia Hunter/FEMA News Photo is designed to be a source of information that will improve the safety and efficiency of Structural Collapse Rescue Response. This is an independent site, and is not sponsored or supported by the Federal Government. The information contained herein is not warranted by the DHS/FEMA National US&R Response System, and they take no responsibility for its content.